Hello, Iā€™m Caroline, The creator of PIKT .

Proudly and passionately 24 years in the floral industry as a certified trained professional floral designer.

I was born 36 years ago and lucky enough to be raised on a 17 acre farm in Myocum just outside of Byron Bay.

My family farm is currently being transformed bit by bit into a flower farm, so i can supply this amazing community with fresh local grown blooms straight from my little tin shed studio.

My Studio has been built from recycled materials off our farm.

All of my work benches are built from the old property fences and the doors and awning from recycled tin. Its old and rustic and has lots of character.

Growing up my childhood was surrounded by all things beautiful, from Sunflowers sprouting in piles of stable manure to the forever flowering paddock's full of butterfly bush.

I had an obsession with flowers from a very young age. My inspiration came a lot from my Grandmother and Nan both amazing gardeners with magic green thumbs and blossoming rose gardens and vegetable patches for as far as the eye could see.

The paddocks that roll through the hinterlands of Byron were my playgrounds.There was always inspiration blossoming, whether it was the golden rain trees or simply the colourful grasses on the side of the road.

My love of art was truly with me at an early age, some of my first ever memories are of drawing the flowers that i still adore and design with today.

I continued into the Floral world at the young age of 14 where i began the transition to becoming a floral designer.

My passion blossomed even further as i travelled and worked abroad for 5 years in Canada and New Zealand learning new designs and techniques.

My chosen profession still inspires me everyday, I still get so excited about what i do, i find it hard to explain how much i truly adore this industry. 

My work is unique, my designs come from my worldly adventure's and each creation is inspired from the blooms i see daily.

 I specialise in Floral design, having done thousands of Weddings and Events in this beautiful industry for over 2 decades.

 I still love to drive the little hinterland roads and find myself lost amongst the shapes and shadows,the branches and berry's that over hang the roads enjoying my passion,knowing it is still strong and wild.

My love for nature will continue to pull me into the next forest or the next field of wild flowers.

Who knows what visual pleasures and designs i will create next. Everyday is a new canvas waiting to be painted with the beauty that unfurls from the soil and makes its way into my hands.

you will find me, dirty hands and muddy boots amongst the garden beds, sewing seeds and planting the next piece to my collection.



Have a beautiful day, and don't forget to stop and smell the rose's.